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Winter Survival
With a Box of Sisu

More Sisu fun with Cloetta, Hasan & Partners and Folk. The winter can be brutal in Finland, yet not necessarily for the locals. The Finns know the power of Sisu that can drive us through deadly winter hazards such as spiky icicles and quirky snowmen. Be careful out in the icy armageddon.

2023/02/07 Sisu Winter
Saturday, April 1, 2023
Post by Stobe Harju
Stobe Harju


The Dangers

of the everyday

Winter Apocalypse


Ice Cold Fun

If you read the story about Sisu Summer, you know that, "Sisu" according to wikipedia stands for the following. Sisu is extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely.

Every Finnish native has woken up on a winter morning to a complete snow chaos.

Winter. The darkest and the most notorious time of the year for us Finns. Giant icicles hang above once you walk out of your front door just waiting to be make their deadly drop as soon as you walk out in the open. The endless piles of snow covering your way to a bus or a tram stop, or better yet to your driveway where you have to search for a shovel to dig your car out of snow so you can get it running... IF you can get it running. Every Finnish native has woken up on a winter morning to a complete snow chaos. That's the nature of the nordic life. That's when we invent words like Sisu that can explain why we still live in the arctic dark conditions. We also have single words that can describe multiple swear words, but that's another story. Right now we're just going to focus on a delicious box of Sisu candy, that can take all our troubles away can help us beat the wintery odds.

Hasan & Partners approached us originally to come up for a safety demonstration for the Finnish summer. At the time we were also producing this particular winter hazard demo with them. The winter hazard film had been classified until Folk Finland approached us again and asked a new pack of Sisu to be brought into the light of day. And like a group of documentarists, traveling to the heart of Antartica, we took the job that was dangerous and fun at the same time. That's what we do.

The attached few images should show the findings and the toughest of the tough conditions we had to operate for both, the Summer and Winter films [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD].

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Shooting in



We ended up shooting the Sisu summer and winter films simultaneously in the always fabulous Valofirma (Lighthouse) studios. As we were shooting in the spring of 2022, there wasn't enough snow outside to pull off the winter apocalypse. It was even tougher at that time to complete an on location shoot for the summer film. The alternative would have been to travel south, but both the clips would have had to be shot separately in different parts of the world. Understandably so, we settled for the safety of a controlled studio environment.

We cast Malla Malmivaara to be the presence of Sisu superhero for the winter film. She is an incredible professional who is alway open to new challenges, thus a pleasure to be working with. Despite her willingness for some stunts, we would have hesitated to take her in the arctic conditions of the Finnish winter and have her storm off with the snowmobile. That could have turned out to be ugly, especially in the middle of all the Christmas lights squirming around her and the crew.

We decided to go forward with an old fashioned green screen

It is needles to say, that we had quite a bit of VFX to do even long after the actual shoots, but also before the roll camera call. As for the summer film, we had an incredible hurry. The film had to be completed within four weeks of the initial shoot date, so we lacked time to do the backgrounds with an LED projection and decided to go forward with an old fashioned green screen. That's actually no joke nowadays :)

Despite the harsh conditions and rough experience we had a blast. Thanks again to our incredible team for enduring the industry hazards.

Sisu Winter

Safety Demo

We hope you take the Finnish winter hazards seriously. Best survival kit out there is either a bag of Tuima [ Vicious ] or a pack of Ruletti [ Roulette ] by Sisu, Cloetta. Enjoy.