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This post is boring
It's about strategy

Blowing a bubble is easy. Anyone can do it. Blowing a bubble long enough, making it bigger and bigger without bursting it requires clear and solid thoughts. The headline is not an error. Could be a boring read for some... well sold.

2021/05/01 strategy
Saturday, May 1, 2021
Post by  Khimoo

a Strategy is


Love is


But lets talk about
the latter later

Our Strengths

Guide us?


In short our clear strengths have been kickass visuals, sense of conveying epic and emotional stories, predesign, technical knowledge as well how production workflows can evolve. 

Combining all that will mean more cool bbq parties with weary brains and lots of sleepless nights. But hey, that's why we are in the business that we love. Right? --- RIGHT?!

That's not all there is to it  and we've tried to make a sense of it.



Stobe's good friend James Halpern became the unofficial mentor for the company just a little while ago. James has been running production companies as a VP and has produced shows like Battlestar Galactica etc. so the dude knows his business. James originally started working with Stobe on screenplays and balling around different story ideas. Originally James is a writer and that brings in the patience he has for reading specs as well as strategies... It could also be that he is patient because he's a Libra.

James Halpern was the one who proposed to have a proper standout strategy no matter what it is that the company does for business. The three-way Business model was the first thing we wanted to figure out.

  1. What is the cost target?
  2. Who can we partner with?
  3. Which price model should we use?

These basic questions started making a lot of sense to us as we had always worked on lengthy productions that could take years and obviously at the same time take its toll by having the key people being too occupied to go after new potential prospects.

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Happy to see you've reached this far.



Even though we have a daily rate, it doesn't mean we are available to work for our clients for one day only. Even where there's a price for a singe frame, in case anyone is shallow enough to ask, we will not produce you that frame, unless you're in the family and your kid needs stuff for her/his school project... in which case it's most likely almost free - taking the dogs out for a walk enough times.

Anyway, the point is, our cost target is quite high and aims for long term projects mostly. When working with a client for a smaller project, we now are aiming to make a long term contract for several small productions or monthly price instead. That doesn't only give us an edge when making business safer. It also helps our clients focus on one thing at the time, having them feel safer and more certain about their annual marketing budget.

We've learned this in the hard way in the past by focusing too much on minor things at the time, which is why we've almost been part of a production of about 1000 commercial projects in 22 years put together.


In Crime

There are 2 key persons at Khimoo, Stobe Harju and Janne Pitkänen. We will keep it that way because it's after years we've realised that every production that comes along requires the knowhow these two have.

Instead, we keep track on every production type and hire producers to be on every key role depending on their expertise. That also brings with it the teams and freelancers who also have very specific masteries.

This may sound tough, especially when the first issue that comes to mind is availability. Though last project we did. We had two potential producers decline because of scheduling. The third took the production under the wings of her company and during the production widened our network of partners. This is the key factor. Widening our network without taking bigger risks, as everyone we connect with has a solid track record.

In that sense Khimoo works like a medium large or a large company. Examples. Noise by Nightwish - 72 direct or indirect employees, Quantum Break - about 140 direct or indirect employees, Imaginaerum - about 240 direct or indirect employees.



As with any other company in the business, our price models are set around the nature of the production. When a production starts we gather a team most suitable for the project style or type, it's not just about the director. We hire only people with a solid track record or teams we know closely. This already gives us the sense of the budget. 

The way we plan to give us enough profit to to keep growing steadily and make sure our collaborators get their fair share. You could argue that we love our work so much, that we're not after a significant profit and in that way stand out from our competition.

Not quite true. We know that we can work with this price model, because our two key people are the end of line and have enough knowhow to tackle any aspect of a production in case it comes down to extra costs to a third party. It's a lot of promises, but as we state it here and out loud, we are confident that it works.

Our standout factor is not necessarily our pricetag, but our transparency and the multiplied effort put into a production. That all mixed together gives better quality to the output than what our competition can offer with the same price.

Some of



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