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Designing a
New Website!

It's finally on its way! While Khimoo was never intended to be branded, we feel cool with this now. A place to showcase your work is always a good reminder, especially to those who haven't gotten to know our work yet. Since you're here, you can tell we are done with the original design phase.

2021/04/19 New Website on its Way
Monday, April 19, 2021
Post by  Khimoo

We are


New home

With some




a decade

Without a home

Khimoo wasn't originally supposed to have a website. It wasn't necessary before with Stobe Harju's solo company, but at the time of growth, it has become quite necessary.

oh hell... why isn't this simple like all the rest of the company websites

With the lack of a proper connection and client platform to showcase some of the featured work, we stumbled on questions like "no office?" or "no fb page?" or better yet "where can I see your work?".

Don't get us wrong. Stobe's professional website is an ok platform to display the director's own work and so it happens the showcase is pretty much identical here. But, with Janne Pitkänen getting heavily involved with the work coming in, and actually with every single production there was, it made sense to compliment both guys and their mutual work with 

We want ours

to look like ours

With the design you might go and say "why isn't this simple like all the rest of the company websites?". Quite frankly, the benefit of being a small production company also gives you the chance to experiment on new things and the best way to reflect our own stuff is to just do how you feel. This is totally what we are; visually driven storytellers conveying our own ideas and not stealing them from others.

It's a priviledge to start building a new and never before seen user experience. And brag as much as we like in our own media.

Continued Below
Happy to see you've reached this far.

New themes &

full database


What's up with us and twitter? Don't we like apps that we can use by our phones? Yeah we do, but even this post has been written on a phone. Phoneflow, a Webflow app, to be exact. 

Here we can even dictate how our posts look like. We can update, add videos and pics on the fly as well as blog posts and other stuff.

One of the coolest things though is that as we are fans of inverted colors in design, we can change our colour palette with pretty much a push of a button. We try to do this very often and sometimes even with crazy color combinations just to reflect our mood. So keep an eye out as the website keeps constantly changing.

Made with


The website was an in-house project. We wanted to find the best tool possible for the animations, adding videos and doing some of the experimental stuff that wasn't possible with other tools out there. The fact is, we tried every single website builder out there and after all the trials we ended up with Weblow, indeed the most powerful constructor out there, while not being the cheapest.

We could actually show some shit hitting the fan at times.

Made for Clients

But also for

ourselves is not only a promo. We are also talking about our daily lives here in the News & Blogs section and sometimes even showing you work that may not pass a high-end production company showreel-bar. I.e. we could actually show some shit hitting the fan at times. But don't get spooked as a client, we do this with our own experiments, not with client work... not ever... not every time. Okay?

Want to reach us? There's an option for everyone now. You can connect with us in a few different ways. If you want to work for us, there's a section for that. If you want to have a meeting, a cost estimate or be included in our inner-client-circle (basically gives access to our production watch tools, but only if you're a paying customer), we've got you covered like any self respectful insurance company... 

Anyway. While websites have become less and less important for representation, they still offer a valid home for people who directly want to be involved with us. We respect that and can't wait for our new home to be opened. 

We hope you enjoy your stay and find some easter eggs while visiting ;)