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Welcomed by the
Veikkaus Game Family

The official partners and collaborators of Veikkaus Game Studio were just announced a while ago. We're truly happy to be part of this endeavour. Khimoo provides especially storytelling consultancy to Veikkaus on their slot games.

2021/03/02 Veikkaus Game Family
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Post by  Khimoo

Proud to be

in the


Khimoo becomes
an official partner of


Game Studio

We are now officially part of the Veikkaus Game Studio family and proud of it. Only a handful of companies get selected every 2 years to be part of the Veikkaus game franchise.

While Veikkaus holds the exclusive rights for gambling in Finland, they also ensure their partners are legit and know what they're doing. We at Khimoo wen't through a thorough application process to be part of the family with Veikkaus.

Storytelling and
Creative direction

We have worked together even before the official collaboration. Khimoo has provided story consultation as well as creative direction for Veikkaus games. Apparently pleased with our work, Veikkaus encouraged us to apply to their corporate family. From the experience we can tell the team is great and enthusiastic, they have really awesome atmosphere at the office, also they have some great coffee!

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Game visuals

with a Story

Even though we are usually part of a development process of a game, we have been strongly focusing on bringing a cinematic approach to any game preproduction while staying away from the actual development phase with Veikkaus. This though is apparent, since the story is never conveyed in a traditional sense while gambling. Their every game needs a backstory for the artist to start working on the characters, the environments etc. Most importantly all the games are single franchises that rely on the likability of the characters and their backgrounds so the stories hold great importance.

An example


An example of being one of the success games called Luna, a young witch, who isn't all that great with sorcery. Her parents we're famous for a lot of things in the wizarding world, yet she's not. Now after inheriting her parents' mansion with its secrets, she finds old spells and becomes curious. It's time to start experimenting and restore her own reputation as a member of a master sorcerer family. It's naturally you, the player, who can win some money by spending time with Luna.

In addition to the example, a lot of story workshopping as well as visual brainstorming has done with games that are completely new to us. It's all a huge learning phase for both, Veikkaus and Khimoo. The work also holds a great responsibility, as the Finnish government is supervising the gambling development. Everything is kept under a tight control. It's an intriguing part of this great Finnish business that keeps it all legally supervised. Even we had our backgrounds thoroughly checked.

Enthusiastically waiting for more!