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New shiny video out
Nightwish Noise!

Noise, the first single and video release for the latest album HVMAN :||: NATVRE by none other than Nightwish. This is our personal whine about the visually explosive message. Please note that these are opinions expressed collectively by Khimoo. Nightwish or their management has no part in this. 😱

2020/02/07 Nightwish Noise Released
Friday, February 7, 2020
Post by  Khimoo

Did we just

make this







DISCLAIMER: All the whining below about the side effects of social media are personal opinions and observations. The opinions don't necessarily have anything to do with the opinions of Nightwish nor their crew. But let me whine. It's what I am entitled to do, since all of this has happened to me at some point. That said, lets get on with the whining.

The text book
definition of Noise

Noise can mean many things. By the official definition Noise means a sound, especially of a loud, harsh, or confused kind. It also stands for the disturbance that shuts the door from the real world around us.


With several different characters in the video, a salesman (Marko Hietala), a climate activist (Tuomas Holopainen), a selfie queen (Jessica Edström), a child pageant's mom (Floor Jansen), a king (Troy Donockley)and regular consumers of the screen (Emppu Vuorinen & Kai Hahto) we wanted to reflect how false the public image sometimes is when relying on the media we see on our devices. We miss the things most important to us.

We want others to be aware of what we also see in ourselves.

There's nothing wrong with social media itself. On the contrary, the pure intentions work well; seeing how your friends and family are doing, for finding new friends, easing your work, getting tips and overcoming problems you just can't deal with otherwise. 

Now let's scream about it. A lot of times the social media gets used in the wrong way. We also use every app out there and not always for the good. That makes us hypocrites doesn't it? Even so we want others to be aware of what we also see in ourselves.

Sometimes even we have ignored the more important things at home for social media content. Watching the latest on TikTok lets us forget that that time spent with precious people is limited and we may never get another chance, but that's ok to a certain degree. 

The SoMe has given us the chance to be celebs and feel special in different ways even if our lives were boring in reality. It's highly unlikely that someone whose real life has any interest to us has any time to put every moment on an instagram post. What is meant by this, is that a lot of times the influencers tend to fake their lives and spend a lot of time to do it. Even the public figures who post a lot don't necessarily use their smartphones on the fly. They have staff of people taking care of that for them for PR purposes taking a few seconds of their employers time per day.

I am, not talking about them. Who I am talkin about are the social-media-active family dads, moms, uncles and cousins gone crazy over the influence of the platforms.  The volume of these people is indescribable and just sometimes feel like the entire social app you open is just screaming acceptance at you.


Most of the people we know personally and who are active on these channels spend several hours a day working on the next post... and the next. Some have even gone great lengths to make it all vulgar and harsh for a few thousand likes. It's a big price to be paid having that kind of window into your life. 

When it takes over your life, or in this case, the lives of others, it's a vanity we don't get.

A simple family vacation can easily turn into a social media event with live videos and such with a high cost of weakening personal relationships. Naturally, everyone makes a personal choice so it's not our place to criticise, but to share the opinion about the potential consequences. The point is, there are other bigger and smaller people around you with feelings.

The social apps are good spots to reveal your normally suppressed feelings, but when it goes overboard and takes over your life, or in this case, the lives of others, it's a vanity we don't get.


This is where we really get some mixed feelings. The clip suggests you should not believe everything and everyone on social media. Sometimes we like to pretend that everything is awesome though just to make it seem our lives perfect. Has anyone really encountered a really popular influencer with a self criticising blog... on regular basis that is? Maybe you have, but then that's a blog I'd like to read , because it's a rarity. I'd actually like to see someone keeping a successful blog about their shitty lives, and by this I mean the behind the scenes of dedicating your life to TikTok. That would be confusing as f*** in a polarised but positive way.

Noise gives you two sides of the above statement. First people are on camera and later off camera. First we are given the illusion, later the reality.

Continued Below
Happy to see you've reached this far.




Back to Noise

Do you recognise any of these fabulous personalities?

The advertiser sells stuff he has weak faith for. An influencer takes great pride in beauty that she works 24/7 for. A mom who lives her life through her child pageant with no chance to be a normal kid. An environmental activist using his SoMe presence to make an eco statement online, but lacks effort to do the same thing offline.

I recognised a few. That's why I consider myself a follower over an influencer.

It's like a cage wrapped around your face, that is only taken off when your time has arrived.

Then there's the grey mass of us, the followers, the faceless people we are until something happens.

As we start deviating from the masses, make a mistake in social media and speak the wrong words, we are surely going to hear about it. When we see a tragedy, an accident, a misfortune taking place, we sometimes catch the event with our cameras rather than intervene because that brings us to the verge of our dream. To become an influencer.

Since we are born we are already unaware that our baby shots are everywhere on social media as our parents and grandparents are glowing with pride on Facebook. I'm guilty, as charged again.

These same platforms welcome us with open arms practically from birth, carry us in there, onto the platform. A smartphone is pretty much the first Christmas gift we get, and the first open door to our social media future. It's almost like a cage wrapped around your face, that is only taken off when your time has arrived.

If you're good at reading between the lines of my senseless babble, and you've seen Noise, you most likely understood that the above ranting was the entire plot and synopsis of the music video.




One on one

The whole thing is a bit of a cliche wrapped in black comedy, but so is social media.

Like I said before, when whining my guts out I'd actually like to see someone keeping a successful blog about their shitty lives. I meant it from the bottom of my heart. What if we could actually take a peek into the influencers' offline lives?

When there was the time to figure out how to separate the illusions (SoMe) from the reality of things in Noise, we first had to fantasise having candid cameras inside the influencers' private lives. Kinky right?

We eventually decided to separate the reality by coming up with overly depressing stories and simply by using a change in colour grading. So what you see here is a bunch of saturated shots, that's where we are inside the platforms, the illusions. The opposite happens, when we have that peeping tom cam in the fictional examples of the influencers' lives outside the platforms.

The whole thing is a bit of a cliche wrapped in black comedy, but so is social media.

The bitter


Our world is pretty, but a very harsh place. Ignorance makes it that way. We all yearn entertainment understandably because our lives are so damn short. We kinda fail to see the beauty and opportunity outside or offline the platforms. Wait for it...

That's human nature.

Remember to go follow and give likes to these people.

Pageant Mom - Floor Jansen

Eco Activist - Tuomas Holopainen

Follower One - Emppu Vuorinen

The King - Troy Donockley

Follower Two - Kai Hahto

The Advertiser - Marko Hietala

The Influencer - Jessica Edström

The Director - Stobe Harju

The Art Director - Janne Pitkänen

On a personal note. Calling Jessica before the project and asking her to be an influencer makes me adore her self irony. I admire that.

Watch Noise
by Nightwish!

We're happy to hear your thoughts about the video. Please enjoy. Also, go check out Nightwish's new album Human :||: Nature released April! It's pretty awesome too.